WR35 GTR Performance Parts

WR35WS GTR Brake Cooling System

Hard driven GTRs place tremendous load on the front brakes. Cracked rotors and delaminated brake pads are the result of this making expensive hardware changes and upgrades a necessity when going to the track. WR35WS does away with this high wear rate, significantly lowering brake temperatures by automatically injecting a water spray into the centre of the disc under hard driving conditions. A Microprocessor controller feeds water from a 2 gallon tank through CNC machined brackets and into the discs lowering operating temperature by up to 200F and keeping a hard high brake pedal in the most demanding of conditions. Brake pad and rotor life has been extended up to 50% via fitment and use of WR35FS, as well as total braking performance with zero fade guaranteed in even the toughest operating conditions. The result is like much bigger and far more expensive competition brakes, but with the ability to still use 18 inch rims. WR35WS is a must for the serious track day enthusiast.

cooling system installed

Each complete Willall Racing WR35WS Brake Cooling System consists of the following parts -

  • 1 x 2 Gallon water reservoir

  • 1 x WR35WS control loom complete with backlit switch/relays/fully marked

  • 1 x WR35WS Programmable control box

  • 1 x Threaded Tee piece

  • 2 x Stainless Steel braided lines

  • 2 x WR35WS Spray jets

  • 2 x WR35WS CNC Mounting brackets

  • 1 x WR35WS One Way valve

  • 4 x P mounting clips

  • 6ft x rubber hose


race proof

Comments from Driver Brian Lock: Just got back from Auto Club Speedway for the first time with the Willall water spray system. As opposed to last Super session where I drove 5 laps half as hard and experienced a changing pedal as the race went on, this event I ran a 5 lap Super session with the Fontana Nissan 350Z right on my tail the whole time, had to stand on the pedal in every braking to keep from being passed, and the brakes worked as well on lap 5 as they did on lap 1. This is race proven system that I would suggest every track day GT-R owner gets!

cooling system

Here is some test session data showing how effective WR35WS really is

cooling system data