WR35 GTR Performance Parts


A world first the WR35BB GTR Billet Engine block takes a good thing and makes it even better. Proven to reliably produce over 2000hp at the wheels with zero failures, and sustain 50psi plus boost pressure, WR35BB is a must for any hardcore GTR engine build.

GTR Engine

Designed and developed in-house by Willall Racing the WR35BB block comes in several different configurations to match customer requirement. Machined from 6000 series billet aluminium and then fitted with a wet sleeve the WR35BB engine delivers proper street cooling capability with overal strength up to 20x that of the standard GTR block


Another world first and product of the Willall Billet CNC program is the WR35BC GTR Billet Cradle. Able to be used with s stock engine block, or the WR35BB Billet Block, WR35BC adds addition strength to your existing build or caps off a near on indestructible billet engine build.

GTR Engine

Machined from a solid billet of 7000 series aluminum, WR35BC gives not only improved engine block rigidity in high power applications, but also improves engine life via better bearing location and reduced twist. Even for relatively mild engine builds WR35BC is a wise investment.


Having campaigned a VR38 engine GTR in motorsport series over several years our Willall Racing engineers can now offer a complete engine build program for the GTR where you can purchase a complete engine outright or have your own engine built to high standards. Regardless of your engine choice and specification our fully qualified technicians will assemble an engine with blueprinted race tolerances and typical Willall Racing reliability

GTR Engine

A typical engine build will address two key areas of the VR38, notably the con-rod and piston, with specially manufactured Arias forged pistons and high quality Pauter con-rods being used to give a 1000hp capable rotating assembly. Choice of engine capacity is also available with Willall WR35ENG engines able to be ordered in capacities up to 4000cc. Please contact Willall Directly for any more information on the WR35ENG GTR Engine Program


If there is one thing the GTR lacks for extreme duty use its a big engine oil capacity. The VR38DETT comes with a 5.8 quart engine oil capacity and works the engine oil hard with big temperature loading and duty cycle due to missing out on additional capacity. With this in mind we have re-modelled the original pressed tin factory pan into a two piece high volume billet aluminium sump, complete with cooling fins and removable bottom tray that takes the GTR oil capacity out an extra 1.7 quarts to a total of 7.5 quarts, reducing overall oil temperature and giving a greater reservoir for the engine to draw from.

Oil Pan Kit

Included in the WR35OP kit is an oil pickup extension to the move the factory pickup deeper into the new pan, which is also sealed with an O-ring, once more to give a low maintenance and high quality result. Fasteners are Stainless Steel SHCS (Socket Head Cap Screws).

Mounted Oil Pan

In Final position the removeable lid fastens to the WR35OP oil pan giving a perfect seal and lining the factory drain plug up over the cutout in the underbody making for simple and easy maintenance.

Mounted Oil Pan


Utilising technology and turbocharger design from the Spec V upgrade program Willall Racing are proud to release their new WR35TT GTR ball bearings turbocharger upgrade. Heart of WR35TT is a pair of upgraded turbochargers with a larger high flow compressor wheel, and matched turbine to deliver un-matched power and response. Airflow rates from the turbocharger compressors are rated at 45lb/min using a pressure ratio of 2.4 (around 20 psi boost). In raw terms then WR35TT can deliver up to 750ps from your VR38DETT engine.


Raw data suggests that 100awhp will be achievable, with good strong top end due to the larger turbine wheel reducing exhaust back pressure. To offset any potential gain in lag we have moved from the stock plain bearing turbocharger core to a complete ball bearing unit. Response at the bottom end should be similar to the stock turbochargers.


Complete CNC programs have been written for both the compressor cover and turbine housing (manifold) which means that exacting factory clearance and tolerance is adhered to. Internal finish is superb, with no comprimise to the physcial response of the turbocharger as very little of the all too critical 'squeeze' is altered. This is something to check with some of the aftermarket GTR turbochargers that exist!


Last but not least is the retention of the superbly engineered high quality metal factory oil and coolant lines. In this high temperature environment rubber or conventional hose simply will not last with any kind of durability. We see keeping the factory plumbing hardware as in important benefit....as from the outside there is no way of picking these turbochargers as anything but factory.

Oil & Coolant Lines

So the quick benefits of WR35TT are as follows -

  • Roller Bearing Core for strong response

  • Larger compressor wheel (+100awhp better from test data)

  • Larger turbine wheel for reduced back pressure

  • Properly measured and machined factory turbine and compressor covers

  • Use high quality factory lines

  • Completely stealth apperance from the outside

WR35TT Dyno Test Report

WR35TT Dyno Test Report

Performance Testing

Dyno figures are one thing, but with so many different types of dyno and different ways of setting them up the figures can easily get skewed, and not allow accurate comparisons. This is why we let the real performance on the track tell the story of our WR35TT upgrade with the following times being generated in the all important 60mph – 130mph roll on. A true test of power and torque and as you can see careful and correct turbocharger selection endows the GTR with high end Supercar mauling performance.


3.53 - Underground / TT Gallardo / 2-shifts
4.09 - Acicchelli / TT Gallardo / 1-shift
4.52 - jbsteven / SC&TT Ford GT 994 rwhp / 1-shift
4.53 - HoustonT / 880 rwhp Supra / 1-shift
4.87 - Oz / Supra / 1-shift
5.14 - Hllywood / TT Viper / 93 octane/ 2-shifts
5.27 – Lil Powell / C5 Vette with big motor and NOS
5.74 - Divexxtreme / Supercharged C6 Z06 / 1-shift
5.83 - RaceMX-M3 / Turbocharged E46 M3 / 1-shift
5.88 - Blacksheep / Supercharged C6 Z51 Corvette / 1-shift


6.65 - Acicchelli / Renntech SLR
6.89 - Vrybad / C5 Z06TT (APS Turbo, no cats, stock muffler, 573 rwhp @ 9.5 psi) / 1-shift
7.24 - Acicchelli / Stock SLR
7.48 - Acicchelli / Renntech SL65 AMG
7.59 - Blacksheep / C6 Corvette Z51 (heads/cam, 484 rwhp) / 2-shifts
7.74 - HoustonT / GT-R / 640 HP (downpipes, y-pipe, BC, hard IC pipes, custom tune)
7.85 - Acicchelli / Stock LP640 / 2-shifts
7.86 - Divexxtreme / Stock C6 Z06 / 2-shifts
8.24 - DrivenAgain / CL600 AMG
8.45 - TMC CL65 / Kleeman CL65
8.46 - Dads C63 / Bolt-On C63 AMG
8.59 - Dr Jitsu / Supercharged M3 / 1-shift
8.67 - DLSJ5 / Supercharged E46 M3 SMG / 2-shifts
9.34 - hotrod182 / 335i w/ JB3 piggyback ECU / 2-shifts


As an upgrade for high horsepower GTR applications WR35TTR makes perfect sense. Designed to work at up to 25psi of boost pressure WR35TTR is capable of +100hp over the existing WR35TT and is recommended for built engines that can utilise the additional horsepower potential. Just like WR35TT these turbochargers are perfectly machined to fit the factory housings and mate up to the original GTR oil and water hard lines for OEM level durability. Please check the dyno sheet below for the results of real world testing

Mainline DynoLog Dyno Report

WR35TS Turbocharger Studs

With the number of Willall WR35TT GTR turbocharger upgrades we perform one issue is starting to become more and more common, and thats the factory studs in the factory turbine housing shearing, stripping, and generally refusing to play ball when customers remove the stock turbos to send them in. Its not really Nissans fault either as the factory studs are not designed to be reused several times (fitting downpipes etc.) hence go outside their design specification, and fail....like this -


Once the stud has got to this level it simply cannot be re-used. The natural massive turbine temperature seems to affect the metallurgy over time, so a stud that wound the nut on nicely, no longer will 10,000 miles down the track. We have to fix plenty of these that have been stripped at turbo removal time, so we came up with a solution, that being WR35TS (Turbo Studs).


We make two different studs. One is a direct replacement for the factory stud (should it come out, or not shear off), and the other is for use in the instance where the hole in the turbine housing needs to be retapped to a larger size to give some thread back to the stud. You can see the difference in the base size of the two studs. So....one for replacement, and one for repair. These studs are machined by Willall from a high grade long life temperature and corrosion resistant steel, and are designed for multiple useage without failure.


As part of any WR35TT turbocharger upgrade system we will now fit these new studs free of charge, but we will also make them available as a complete set to be purchased by anyone interested in some peace of mind when working on the 'hot side' of their GTR. Check the price on the pricing page

WR35OAS Oil Air Separator

High Performance GTR engine builds need better than factory breathing systems to stop oil coming back into the inlet system. Years of testing has shown this to be the perfect design that not only cleans the oil from the inlet system, it also eliminates and chance of engine bay and cabin oil smells as a lot of other non-sealed systems can deliver.

Breather System

The breathing container itself is an industrial item that has been proven in big engine applications for over a decade. The internal filter is removeable and washable, and replacement elements are also available. Another neat bonus is that when mounted in the GTR engine bay WR35OAS is out of sight tucking away just under the top radiator hose. The top of the breather system is removeable making visual inspections simple and quick.

Breather System

To clean and drain the WR35OAS there is a small tap on the bottom that allows the contents of the breather system to be drained out through a tiny hose into a tray for simple disposal.

Breather System