WR35 GTR Performance Parts


Willall Racing Mid-Pipes

WR35MP Willall Racing Mid-Pipes replace the stock heavy centre resonator and pipe section on the R35 GTR which make it sound muted and quiet, most unlike a performance car. Crafted from Super Light and tough Titanium our Mid-Pipes have the utmost craftsmanship and engineering put into their production. Each WR35MP is tested for fitment on a GTR before shipping so you can have a perfectly aligned production piece anywhere in the world.

Long section flex pipes are used to ensure the interface between the engine and exhaust is not stressed or broken even in severe motorsport applications. Pipe sizes are generous with 78mm at the front and 90mm discharge to ensure optimum gas glow. Gains are significant over stock, with the actual horsepower number dependant on the tune in place. An important bonus is the weight saving from installing WR35MP. Not only is there less exhaust back pressure for more flow and performance, but there is also a 75% (24lb or 13kg approx.) reduction in overall weight.

Willall Racing Mid-Pipes
Willall Racing WR35MP is hand crafted from Titanium for the ultimate in light weight and has a unique merge design

The best part of WR35MP though is the sound. Gone is the quiet and low hum of the stock GTR replaced instead by a glorious engine note reminiscent of the high powered early GTR models that helped forge the legend. There is no cabin drone, no loud noise at cruising speed, just a genuine powerful voice for your GTR.

Listen to the GTR Mid Pipe by viewing the video below.

Here is another great video of the WR35MP Willall Racing R35 GTR Mid Pipe recorded by our Czech customer 'Kislik'. Not satisfied with us only having the tone of WR35MP posted at idle and free-rev, he went out and made the really nice film clip at full throttle. Well done Kislik!


These comments have been posted directly to Willall from customers that have used WR35MP on their R35 GTR and have not been altered in any way other than to remove vehicle identity.

"It used to be that when I went cruising with my pals Viper and his other friend that has a Tubi exhaust on an F360 that my GTR was the odd one out, hardly turning a head as these other two went by. Well all that has changed since I fitted WR35MP! Me and my Viper buddy swapped the pipe over ourselves on some stands and man I cant believe the difference it has made to my GTR. Not only does it hit harder it also sounds like a real supercar. This WR35MP is like ViagraTM for the GTR."

"Was that my GTR was a good car. Now with WR35MP it's a cool car, and that is all that I wanted."


Willall Racing Cat Back

Crafted from Titanium and carefully welded for the perfect finish our WR35EX Titanium Cat Back exhaust system (pictured here with WR35MP midpipe assembly) is a superb lightweight racing piece for your GTR. Saving some 20kg or 40lb from the weight of your GTR there is power to be had not only through the superb big bore 80mm pipe design but also the low restriction muffler assemblies and stunning looking burnt finish Titanium exhaust tips. Power gains depend on tune and other exhaust configuration but expect over 20hp with the engine management calibrated to match, but most of all the deep and supercar tone exhaust note will bring your GTR to life.

Willall Racing Cat Back Fitted


GTR Donwpipes GTR Donwpipes

WR35DP Willall Racing GTR Turbocharger Downpipes are specifically designed for racing applications where maximum power and performance are crucial to your success. Manufactured from high durability stainless steel these WR35DP downpipes not only save up to 15lb of weight from the GTR, they also reduce exhaust back pressure and the chance of engine damaging detonations.

Each pair of these downpipes is hand ported and matched for flow and to deliver equal and exacting performance across the life of your GTR. WR35DP Downpipes will bolt up to either the stock or any aftermarket brand exhaust system to deliver the ultimate in power, quality and that terrific race style GTR exhaust note.