WR35 GTR Performance Parts

WR35FCA/RCA Camber Arms

Using the development technique of assessing the track requirement of the GTR through research from our own tracked R35 then engineering the solution we have recently produced these replacement-Chrome Moly Front and Rear Camber/Castor arms. Precision Tig welded with additional gussets, using quality spherical bearings, and coming complete with the required Clevis and mounting pins, WR35FCA is a complete upper-arm replacement (supplied as a pair of front arms when you order WR35FCA) system. Bolting up directly into the R35 GTR, in maximum trim WR35FCA delivers over 6 degrees negative camber, which can be spaced out with precision spaced 'shims' behind the main camber block quickly and easily to change camber settings. This camber adjustment system is common in Open Wheeler applications due to its quick and accurate adjustment method and is a proven motorsport design.

Camber arm

This method of upper arm design is extremely strong, and effective for accurate camber control, particularly in the instance where a 4000lb car is applying maximum cornering G-Force loading through the suspension. The camber block itself is machined from high grade aluminium, and the Moly arms are 'blackened' for a professional finish.

Camber arm

Both the rear camber and toe arms (supplied as a complete kit of 4 arms when you order WR35RCA) are designed to give a wide range of rear wheel adjustment for the keen racer, we run 2.5 degrees negative in the rear of our GTR, and WR35RCA are able to be adjusted in the car without having to remove the rear floor-pans, which as all GTR owners know, can be a time-costly exercise. Mounts are once more high-end spherical bearings, and precision machined flanges for maximum strength