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WR35 MITSUBISHI EVO X Performance Parts

WR35STX EVO X Surge Tank Assembly

Suffering from fuel starvation in hard left hand corners at less than half a tank on the gauge the EVO X has its track performance hampered by a poor fuel pickup design. WR35STX fixes this issue by keeping a constant head of fuel in the surge tank almost regardless of fuel tank level, and combining with high a output Walbro fuel in-line pump allows up to 450hp of surge free fuel flow to your 4B11T engine. Installation of the WR35STX is quick and simple requiring no cutting or drilling of your EVO.

Surge Tank

WR35STX production features are as follows -

  • Thick walled design for maximum strength

  • 1/3 gallon / 1.25 litre capacity for a full mintue of full load fuel reserve

  • Cylindrical tank shape to avoid any chance of splitting across welded edges

  • Metal line rear mounted pickup for guaranteed fuel delivery

  • CNC machined fuel pump bracket

  • Bolts straight in with no drilling or cutting of the body

  • Allows tank levels as low as a gallon with totally eliminated fuel surge

Mounted Surge Tank

Mounting under the car and bolting to the tow hook mounting points the WR35STX Surge Tank Assembly is both quiet, safe (keeping fuel out of the cabin) and totally free of any kind of smell or odour which can plague some internally mounted fuel systems.

We will offer the WR35TMX in two stages - due to the fact that US owners will be able to source their own external Walbro pump Stateside and save on overall cost.

1) WR35STX surge tank only OR
2) WR35STX surge tank + Walbro pump + installation kit

WR35STX EVO X Brembo Front Brake Upgrade

Having experienced serous brake fade after track testing their EVO X the Willall engineers got together and formulated a track ready solution for all EVO X models that replaces either stock solid GSR discs or the floating 72 vane MR discs with a purpose built Brembo compeition brake rotor and machined aluminium hat assembly for the ultimate in track performance. With WR35BRX brake fade is a thing of the past.

Brembo Brake

WR35BRX Features include -

  • Advanced ductile competition brake disc material for reduced wear

  • 72 cooling vanes for maximum heat rejection and airflow

  • Lighter weight than factory discs

  • Fully floating anodised aluminum hat assembly

  • State of the art bobbin design

  • Eliminated brake fade

  • Reduced wear and improved brake pad/disc life

WR35BRX fits directly in place of your stock EVO X brake discs with no other modifications

WR35EXX EVO X Titanium Cat Back Exhaust System

exhaust system

With the emphasis in free breathing, midrange torque/power gains and light weight the fully Titanium constructed WR35EXX EVO X exhaust system is a market leader. Featuring zero drone for comfortable highway cruising and a direct non-restricted design this is the genuine ‘no compromise’ EVO X exhaust system.

Replacing all of the factory exhaust pipe-work from the catalytic converter back WR35EXX makes a significant weight saving to the EVO with an overall reduction of 30lb (15kg) from fitting the exhaust system alone. Combine these weight savings with a 15hp power gain (with nothing else touched) and the value in WR35EXX is clear

Fitted to the EVO X the WR35EXX Titanium exhaust system is neat and compact while featuring a genuine high performance look. Not too big in the tips and not too small we like to think WR35EXX is ‘just right’