Independent Oil Testing Results

The results of a totally independent oil test conducted by members of the North American GTR owners Club –

Here's a Blackstone report on Willall WR35TM "Victory Spec" fluid with approx 2500 miles and 5 track days on it. It is *not* from my GTR. There used to be this really cool guy ‘Bishman’ who had a really cool GTR and I got a hold of a sample of his really cool fluid before he traded the car in.

Just to make it easy to compare, I put it side-by-side with my last Nissan GR6 fluid analysis, which had 1450 miles and 3 track days on it. My fluid had seen a couple of occurrences of 260F temps on track. I believe ‘Bishman's’ temps had stayed in the mid-240's at their hottest.

Summary is lower overall wear from the Willall fluid despite more miles and track days.

info chart
info chart