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Project Ranger showcases the ultimate evolution of 4x4 torque development. As the only complete Ranger tuning system available in the world, the Willall Ranger Power Pack delivers on all front. Stay tuned for regular updates

Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD PX Ranger Project vehicle

Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD To showcase the abilities of Willall to develop and deliver a complete Offroad vehicle package the engineering teams sights have been turned towards the new Ford PX Ranger. With class leading dynamics and packaging its a case of making a good thing even better, with a serious development program planned for the Powertains of these vehicles which will deliver sensation torque and economy gains to end users.

The plan is to have several different stages of tune and performance for different applications, ranging from a Plug and Play tuning solution through to re-programming of the factory ECU to ensure that all customer requirements are covered. At this stage though its time to get serious with the Ranger and let the in-house development project begin. Updates will be posted to this page as they come to hand, so stay tuned!

Even in the very early stages of development Project Ranger had to have a bit of a physical makeover with the stock steel rims being upgraded to a set of Black Sunraysias and the stock issue plates being changed to the well known WILLALL plates.

Stage I PX Ranger Dyno Tuning

Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD First round of Ford Ranger Duratorque 3.2 tuning complete. Using our Plug-In Piggyback tuning system the fuelling, boost control, and torque signals of the engine have been custom mapped on the dyno to deliver an additional 80Nm of torque off the basement which makes for lusty low rpm performance in the critical 2000rpm - 3000rpm driving and towing zone. Road and trail testing has shown no limp-modes or check engine lights under gruelling conditions.

Having a complete Plug and Play wiring loom as part of the Willall Racing Stage I Tuning system there system can be removed at any time and leaves no trace that it has ever been installed. This is a definite advantage when selling the vehicle as you can transfer the tune straight onto your new Ranger. Fuel ecomony has shown to improve up to 1.8l/100km when towing, and around 0.3l/100km when unladen around town.
Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall Racing Ford Ranger 3.2 Plug and Play ECU TECH SPECS
- Plugs directly into existing factory ECU loom
- Leaves no trace behind for service departments
- Directly drives and adjusts the following
- Drives the factory Ranger Piezo fuel injectors directly (3d mappable pulsewidth)
- Directly adjusts turbocharger boost pressure via throttle position and rpm
- Programmable fuel pressure versus rpm and engine load
- Tuning effect mapped via engine temperature
- Caps engine torque limit request for full engine output
- Retains factory EGT protection
- Able to be remapped quicky and easily to suit future modifications
- Matches and betters 'off the shelf' factory ECU remaps
- No damage to ECU dust/water seal as happens with factroy ECU remaps
- Hours of Willall Racing development on Project Ranger

Stage II PX Ranger Exhaust Tuning

Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Next step in Project Ranger development is to remove the inherent restriction of the exhaust system to allow greater overall engine volumetric efficiency and airflow. With this additional airflow comes increased power, torque, and reduced fuel consumption. Picking the right exhaust though is critical, which is why we have team up with exhaust specialists Pacemaker to calibrate Project Ranger for their 'King Brown' series Ranger exhaust system.

With decades of experience in factory quality and durability exhaust design and manufacture, the choice to use Pacemaker products was a simple one. Sure there are probably cheaper offerings out there, but finding out on a long-haul offroad trek that corners have been cut in quality simply isnt worth it. The concept of ADR compliance for a fully street legal result with substantial gains is well worth it. Dyno results to come...

Stage II PX Ranger Exhaust Tuning Results

Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD With the Pacemaker King Brown Exhaust fitted to Project Ranger the note from the Duratorque 3.2 engine changed instantly. In short (and everyone has different tastes) the exhaust gives the Ranger a beefy sound without being intrusive or droning. The big improver though is the engine power band. Rather than providing a peak of power or torque at one point of the curve and falling away, the Pacemaker system reduces exhaust back-pressure to provide good solid gains right across the entire rev range. These results were achieved by careful tuning of our Plug in Piggyback tuning system, tailoring the fuel and boost curves of the engine to deliver the best result all the while keeping the package within safe operating parameters. The driving impression now is of a less peaky and smoother revving engine that doesnt 'fall on its face' as it continues to rev. A very satisfying result indeed!
Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD
From looking at the dyno sheets its now clear to see that although not a lot greater at peak output the torque curve of the Ranger engine is now far wider than it was previously which when used on the road makes the Duratorque engine far more driveable. There is no need to short shift the transmission to get best performance as the Ranger now just keeps pulling. The power curve shows a solid indicated gain with nearly 10kw at the wheels of real useable power. Our summary then of this upgrade stage - fitting of Pacemaker King Brown exhaust system and retuning the Willall Racing Plug in Piggyback tuning system is that it provides worthwhile and solid results without any compromise to durability or economy.

Stage III PX Ranger Intercooler development

Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD A weakness in the power development program for Project Ranger is the factory intercooler system. Although from initial inspection the bar and plate front mount intercooler looks to be of reasonable size and volume the fact is that its very skinny and has substantial pressure drop across the core even in totally standard form.

Rather than use an off the shelf generic intercooler we decided to undertake a development program with Process West a high quality Australian intercooler manufacturer and supplier. CAD design was carried out to house the biggest possible intercooler in the front of the Ranger to eliminate pressure drop between the turbocharger and the engine and also to maximise the cooling efficiency of the entire turbocharger system.

There was an additional cooling requirement as well and that was to consider the airflow to the engine to ensure that the Duratorque operating temperatures stay within specification at all times. Finally a complete piping system using larger bore pipes was manufactured to completely replace the factory piping with mandrel bent items equipped with large hose gripping lips to take the custom silicone tubing moulded for this project.

Even without any tuning changes the response of the Ranger is vastly improved, but a session on the dyno should unlock all of the extra power and torque on offer. Exciting times ahead for Project Ranger, so stay tuned!

Stage III PX Ranger Intercooler Tuning Results

Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD
Fitment of the new Project Ranger Intercooler system delivered the kind of results we were searching for when combined with matching custom tuning. Like most intercooler upgrades the power and torque gains come from matching the fuelling requirement with the new denser, colder inlet charge. The additional good news in all of this is that the EGT numbers also drop dramatically, which means reduced thermal load on the engine during high duty useage such as towing or extreme offroad work. Overall the intercooler system on Project Ranger has given a very positive result and effect with sensational midrange engine performance and a hit of power and torque unrivalled by even a Twin Turbo Cruiser V8 (Yes its true, it feels that good!)

To have a look at some of the results that Willall tuning has delivered then please click the makes and models listed below. Please note that this page is being updated almost daily as results come to hand, so if you dont see your vehicle listed then please be patient. For any questions or to make a booking then please email us
Email : info@willall.com.au

Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD
Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD

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