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WR356PS Subaru 6 Speed Power Shifter

I don't know how many of you have missed gears in the 6 speed, but at motorsport events the stock throw between second and third gears is a real narrow gate that can land you in 5th....nearly killed our chances at making the Mount Alma shooutout this year...so we decided enough was enough....

Power Shifter

The Willall Racing solution to the 6 speed shifting woes comes in the form of a screw on shift knob assembly. So what? Millions of those around...well this one is a little different. Lengthened specifically, and weighted to give the right response to the throw action the WR356PS 6 speed Power Shifter gives proper gate definition, a longer throw, and does so without punishing the synchros.

Power Shifter

Takes around 1 minute to fit, puts the shifter closer to your hands for track work, and is fully integrated with the 6 speed reverse lockout, this shift setup will fit any WRX manual stick and provide a more positive and defined shift experience.

Material is high grip Poly with machined grooves, guaranteed not to burn your hands like a metal shift knob, and also not to slip out of your fingers with bare hands or gloves. Track proven, it's the real deal and gives a much smoother shift action on the street.